• Fitting boots . . . 

What size of boots would a dog wear? An easy way to determine the right size is put a piece of paper on the floor - put the dog's paw on it. Mark a line on each side of the paw. Pick up the paper and measure the space between the lines. Boots are sized by the width of the foot (which you now have) so it is easy to pick out the correct size for the dog.


What is a size 14 in a dog coat? How do you make sure you have the right sized boots if you can't bring your pet in? We have easy solutions for those questions! We have you cover from head to tail at PetPeople.

Get the right fit!

  • Fitting coats . . .

Find the dog's size by measuring from the back of the neck to the base of the tail and then by measuring around the girth. Measuring works best if the dog is standing up. The way most coats are sized, a size 14 is 14 inches long. 

Once you have a size to start with (the length) it is easy to check to make sure it fits around the chest. With the Velcro closures there is some room for adjustment and takes the guess work out of fitting a coat for your dog.

Tip: If the dog is between sizes - go with the larger size.