We are very proud to offer a Frequent Buyer Program on our food!

When you purchase 12 bags or cases of a participating brand, your 13th is FREE!

How it the saving works:

Cost of Food

$20 x 12 = $240 13th Bag FREE, Actual Cost $240/13= $18.46, Percentage Saved 7.7%

$50 x 12 = $600 13th Bag FREE, Actual Cost $600/13= $46.15, Percentage Saved 7.7%

You still receive your loyalty points through the PetPeeps Program on all your food purchases for additional savings.

General Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to amend or modify the Frequent Buyer program at any time and in any way (including our right to discontinue benefits and to change manufacturers). In order to track purchase history associated with the Frequent Buyer Card , it is necessary for PetPeople to have access to certain personal information including name, address, phone number, email address. PetPeople reserves the right to cancel your participation in the PetPeeps program in the event of fraud, abuse of  privileges, or violation of terms and conditions.

Frequent Buyer Program

  • One manufacturer on per card.
  • Dry and Can Foods are placed on different cards 
  • Dog and Cat Foods are placed on different cards. 
  • The size of the customer free bag or case of canned food will correspond to the smallest bag or can purchase. It is recommended to keep a card for separate sizes.
  • If a customer rotates formulas in the same brand, the free bag will correspond to the formula that was purchased most often.
  • The frequent buyer card must be stamped (punched) by a PetPeople associate. 
  • The front and back of the card needs to be completely filled out to be redeemed.  
  •  If a customer does not have their frequent buyer card with them, they will be given a new card with the current bag stamped.  The cards can later be combined in the store.
  • If a card is lost or destroyed, a request is sent to the PetPeople home office by the store on behalf of the customer to research the account and to issue a new card.