Your Neighborhood Store for Pets

  • Wish List Item #1 - Holiday Themed Toys

They are just too cute to resist and make perfect socking stuffers!

  • Wish List Item #14 - P.L.A.Y. Dog Products

Turn plushy fast food into fast fun and engage your pup's brain with P.L.A.Y. dog products! 

  • Wish List Item # 3 - Sweetgrass Ranch Natural Chews

Chews your dog will beg for! A favorite at PetPeople, our natural chews help provide dental health, relief from boredom, and some down time for your and your pet during this busy holiday season. Chew on these . . .

  • Wish List Item #18 - Tether Tug

The perfect backyard exercise! Click the video to watch the fun!

  • Wish List Item #2 - Bowser Dog Bed

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house; not a creature was stirring not even a mouse . . . the doggies were nestled all snug in their beds; While visions of bully sticks danced in their heads . . . .

Our Bowser Dog Beds are the bed you and your doggie have always dreamed of . . . Stylish, Comfortable and Classic! They are beds you both will love! 

We are here to find the purr-ect gift for your furry friend. Here are a few of THEIR favorites!

  • Wish List Item #4 - Cat Trees

This will easily become you and your cats' favorite cat tree! Made in Ohio by true cat lovers; these are stylish, sturdy and safe for your kitty!

  • Wish List Item #8 - Cat-friendly treat dispensers

The perfect stocking stuffer, these treat dispensers keep your cat playful, engaged and energized! 

  • Wish List Item #19 - Fling-AMA-String

Your kitty won't be able to resist this electronic fun toy!

  • Wish List Item #6 - Cat Toys for Mental and Physical Stimulation

A cat's independent streak is a natural instinct related to their need to hunt. Domestic cats have few outlets for the solitary activities they often crave; these toys will add to the interactivity and fun and will quickly become one of your cat's favorite toys in the house. Click to learn more

  • Wish List Item #20 - PetPeople Gift Card

You can't go wrong with a gift card to PetPeople! Available in store or online!

  • Wish List Item # 11 - Cat Churu Purees

Delicious, creamy and super simple; the Cat Churu Purees are a great mealtime addition. Whether you are adding this as a topper to dry food or eating it as a meal, it's sure to make your cat smile! 

  • Wish List Item #13 - USA-Made Dog Toys

PetPeople features a wide selection of made-in-the-USA dog toys. Whether you're looking for something to enrich your pet, boost indoor or outdoor play with them or engage their brains, we've got the perfect holiday gift for your pup!

Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

  • Wish List Item #12 - Freeze-dried Treats for Cats

A healthy, tasty option to treat your cat - now in a variety of mouth-watering flavors! 

  • Wish List Item #5 - Bavarian Cat Toys

VALERIAN ENCOURAGES CATS TO NUZZLE & PLAY - IT'S THE SMELL CATS CAN'T RESIST! If your kitty doesn't respond to catnip - these are the toys to try! 

Made in Germany.  Featuring highest quality Bavarian-grown ingredients. 

  • Wish List Item #9 - Toys for Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Puzzle toys offer both a physical and mental outlet as they require the pet to work at retrieving a treat or food. Here are a few of our favorite ones!

  • Wish List Item #10 - Jackson Galaxy 

Uniquely designed to engage, entertain and better your cats' life, our selection of Jackson Galaxy cat products, like the Catnip Marinater Vault and Comfy Cocoon Bed are great holiday gifts! 

  • Wish List Item #7 - Coats & Sweaters

Don't let your pet be left out in the cold this winter. We have their favorite Solo & Lilly  winter wear - coats, sweater, fleece, boots, and scarves - EXCLUSIVELY at PetPeople! Click to learn more.