Why we LOVE this product at PetPeople:

Sturtevant’s Canine Formula was developed specifically to stop the itching caused by atopic dermatitis (itchy, inflamed and/or red, oozing skin).  In addition this product will successfully treat the following conditions:

  • hot spots
  • bites from mites and other parasitic pests
  • ear infections
  • canine eczema and dandruff
  • wounds and abrasions

Products are available in our retail locations, unfortunately we do not ship. 

Help Itchy Dogs!

Sturtevant’s Canine Antiseptic Powder

These pictures are actual results done during PetPeople product testing by a PetPeople associate before we brought in this product to our stores. Freckles is our Am“basset”dor and visits many stores and loves belly rubs. Unfortunately, she always had problems with yeast infections, usually starting in August and it is a constant battle during the winter to keep her belly nice and healthy. The before picture (top) was taken on Dec. 11, 2014. At that time, Sturtevant’s was applied daily and she was taken off all other supplements. She did continue on a grain-free diet. 


The after picture (below) was taken on Jan. 30, 2015. The results were amazing (just 50 days later) and PetPeople was proud to carry this product in our stores. 

Sturtevant’s Veterinary Remedies are made with the highest quality ingredients.  They begin by blending USP Grade 1 zinc oxide, an FDA recognized and approved skin healing agent and skin protectant with carbolic acid (phenol), the strongest natural antifungal and antibacterial known.  When these two ingredients are combined, a potentiation occurs which renders the zinc oxide up to 500 times more powerful than any other zinc oxide formulation. Then they add pharmaceutical grade boric acid and the most absorbent and purest talc (mined in Montana) found anywhere.  This proprietary formula is then tweaked and balanced to meet the objectives of treating large and small animals. 

Who is Sturtevant’s?

They are the oldest family-owned pet care products manufacturer in the United States.
Sturtevant’s Veterinary Remedies products are available exclusively at select pet specialty stores.
All of their products are made in the USA using domestically sourced ingredients and the ingredients meet the highest medical grade performance parameters.
All of their products are allergy tested, fragrance free and PETA approved.

Recommended Use of Sturtevant’s Canine remedy:

Apply directly from the bottle to the affected areas. You may gently rub the powder into the skin depending on the severity of the condition.  Treatments should be applied twice daily; in the morning and in the evening, but they may also be applied as often as needed.

The powder may be mixed with a few drops of water to make a paste to treat more advanced conditions.  Avoid contact with the mucous membranes and eyes.

Additional Feedback from PetPeople associates and customers:

I wanted to share a story with you about the Sturtevant Canine Antiseptic Powder. Samson was on the verge of developing an infection in his groin area. I started using the powder Monday night, because we needed to keep the area clean and dry. I am happy to report his wounds have healed and he is doing much better, thanks in part to the powder. ~ Mark, Assistant Manager PetPeople Upper Arlington

My yellow lab mix, Wyatt, also had a flare-up of yeast on his underside this Fall. He's been on Acana and grain free treats so I didn't try a diet change. I started using the Sturtevant's powder the day we received it in the store. It has made a huge difference. I love that it isn't a spray and since it goes on as a powder it helps dry out the area. I was bathing his belly a couple times a week with a medicated shampoo which didn't help. I love this product. Thanks for bringing it to the stores. ~ Susan, Ann Arbor PetPeople Manager

It's amazing!!!!!!! I will show you pics if you don't mind yucky cause this was the worst he had ever been!!! And today is day 3 and OMG!! AMAZING!! He is happer too. The antibiotic pills and spray we have been using had gotten us nothing this time around but WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY!!!! I am truly over the moon happy it breaks my heart when he doesn't feel well or gets these. And this time around it was so bad I was sure he was going to need to have some serious work done on them ar the vets office! But wow there are no words. I was just explaining the greatest of it to my mom and our groomer!!! We will never not have this in the house!!!! THANK YOU!!!! ~ ​​Jami (customer, posted on Facebook)

My Haylie Jane suffers from many skin allergies, most have improved with changing her dog food but she still gets pesty yeast infections on her belly and around her little peekachoo. I bought last night. I sprinkled the powder and pressed in around her, u know. And on her belly the skin is dryer and flaky. Directions say to mix with water to make a paste but I went one step more and mixed with coconut oil instead since it has anti fungal properties and her skin already looks better this morning! So happy to find something that works. Going to sprinkle into her paws too. ~Megan, (customer, posted on Facebook)

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