• Lamb Skinnies: 

Great for senior dogs, small breeds, and puppies! (thinner and softer than a cow tail)

Sourced in Turkey.

  • Beef Trachea: 

​One the best natural sources of glucosamine-chondroitin in our treat selection.  In fact, many glucosamine-chondroitin supplements use ground trachea as their source! The higher fat content makes this treat extremely attractive to picky dogs.

Sourced in the USA.

  • Tripe twist: 

Made of beef intestine that has been twisted into a stick shape and then baked. This softer chew is appropriate for dogs with missing teeth. The texture is crunchy, and your dog will break it up into lots of little pieces and then spend time licking up all the crumbs!. Available in value packs. 

Sourced in Brazil

  • Venison Jerky: 

The high meat content means it is a very attractive treat to even picky dogs. Novel protein means it’s a great pick for allergy dogs!

Sourced in the USA.

  • Beef Curlies: 

A training treat with the texture of a crunchy chip! These are made from thick sausage casing (beef intestine) and slowly baked. Put them in a Planet Dog Snoop, JW Dogzilla Egg or Ball, or PLAY Wobble Ball for extra enrichment! 

Sourced in Brazil.

  • Lamb lung puffs: 

Nice crunchy texture; easy to break into small pieces for training or for use in toys. Available in value pack. 

Sourced in Turkey

We recommend that you ALWAYS supervise your pet while

they are using a chew treat!

  • Beef Taffy: 

Beef Taffy is a wonderful way to entertain your pet and similar to a jerky treat.

Sourced in Brazil.

We have searched the world over looking for natural chews your dog will love. Long-lasting chews can help to redirect destructive chewing behavior and provide mental stimulation and activity to a bored or anxious dog. Ask a PetPeople associate on tips and toy pairings to make them last even longer!

  • Antlers:

Our antlers are Grade "A". Whole Antlers are one of the longest lasting natural chews. Split antler are good for dogs who are not aggressive chewers.  

Tip: Soak in low-sodium, onion-free broth or coconut oil for extra flavor. Our American/Canada-sourced, naturally-shed  antlers come from the Rocky Mountains. 

  • Ruff Stix: 

A long lasting chew for dogs with missing teeth or for small breeds. Firm texture on the outside but will quickly start to break down as the dog is chewing on it.  Ruff Stix are made from very thin sausage casing (beef intestine) which has been folded and wrapped and then baked. 

Sourced in Brazil.

  • Cow Ear: 

Does not stain the carpet or have much of a smell. A great alternative to pig ears.

Sourced in Argentina.

  • Cheese Chew: 

All natural chew made from yak and cow milk.  Lasts up to 5 five times longer than your average rawhide chew.

Sourced in Nepal/India

  • Mega Gnaw: 

Ground up bullies and beef bone, encased in a beef esophagus (gullet), finally wrapped with a beef bladder. This treat can be a little messy, but it’s guaranteed to be a hit even with the most finicky eater—it’s the gullet! 

Sourced in Brazil.

Sweetgrass Ranch Natural Chews

The chews your dog will beg for!

  • Smoked Bones

Sweetgrass Ranch bones are slow roasted for 33 hours to bake in flavor. Each and every bone is hand trimmed prior to placement on the oven racks. They're slow roasted in one of 14 ovens with no additives and no preservatives—100% Natural.

Sourced in USA

  • Cow Tails: 

Chewy on the outside, crunchy on the inside! Natural source of calcium due to the small vertebrae inside.

Sourced in Turkey.

  • Lamb ears: 

100% digestible; great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. A great size for pairing with toys such as the Dogzilla! Available in value pack. 

Sourced in Turkey

  • Bully Sticks:

Durable, high-protein & low-fat chew sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle. The bullies are refrigerated immediately after harvest (and even in transit) to keep them as fresh as possible. They are then rinsed completely with warm water only and baked at a low temperature for 24 hours. This unique processing method keeps the bullies all natural and very low odor!Available in 6", 12", & 32", braided, curly, and in value packs.

Sourced in Brazil.