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Things to Remember

  • The ingredient panel lists food in descending order by weight of ingredient. Thus, the first ingredient prior to processing is most prevalent, etc
  • If grains are used in the food, whole grains offer higher nutritional value than grain flours or other fractions.
  • Companies that manufacture their own food have better quality control over ingredients and the manufacturing process.

PetPeople associates can provide you tools to choose the healthiest food for your pet!

 There are many different types of pet food, including...

  • Dry
  • Canned
  • Raw


There are is not one food that’s best for every pet! Let us help you choose what’s best for your best friend.

Ready to dig in deeper?  Read our Pet Centered Nutrition, Feeding Strategies, or Cat Nutrition pages.

Pet food is what we feed our pets every meal for every day of their lives. Their nutrition is important!

Ask yourself these questions.

  •  Can you recognize at least the first five ingredients listed on the label?
  • In an adult diet, is meat the first ingredient listed?
  • Does the food avoid using filler type ingredients such as corn, wheat or soy?
  • Is there clear contact information on the bag telling you information about the company and/or manufacturing?
  • Has your pet food ever been involved in a recall?

If you can’t answer each of these questions, it might be time to dig deeper into what you are feeding your pet.

What's In That Bag of Food?